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Cleaning and Plumbing Services in Dhaka

With the best technology and experienced in-house team, Saifa Plumbing Service Ltd. Provides one-stop cleaning and plumbing services in Dhaka. We offer all kinds of cleaning and plumbing tasks (underground/overhead) of your home and organization at the highest level and lowest cost with the latest scientific methods.

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Cleaning Service

Tank Cleaning

Protect your family from water diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. Ensure two times a year tank cleaning for a healthy, disease-free life

Cleaning Service

Pipeline Cleaning

If your tank is clean but getting muddy water or low water pressure, you will surely need a complete water pipeline cleaning service.

Cleaning Service

Commercial Space Cleaning

Ensure a healthy and fresh work environment by cleaning the office or super shop. It also helps your clients to have a good feeling whenever they come to deal with you.

Cleaning Service

Roof and Tiles Cleaning

Cleanliness from top to bottom and every inch and corner is vital to our cleaning service team. That’s why we do roof and tiles cleaning. It will be eye-soothing after taking the service guaranteed.

Cleaning Service

Garden Cleaning

Nowadays dengue Virus is breaking out badly, and every gardener needs to be super conscious about cleaning the garden. Your Hobby is our responsibility. Call us now and make your garden virus and insect-free.

Plumbing Service

Gas Line Plumbing

Leak finding, Line management, Replace and Repair damaged gas lines are all included in the Gas line Plumbing service for your safety.

Plumbing Service

Water Plumbing

We promise hassle-free water distribution by hydro-jetting, leak detection, piping and repiping, repairing, necessary installation, and maintenance. We also provide a water heater and tankless water heater

Plumbing Service

Fire Protection Plumbing

A fully functional and responsive fire protection service should be established and maintained as it works in an emergency. Should take scheduled fire protection plumbing service, and Saifa plumbing is here to serve with the level best.

Plumbing Service

Swimming Pool Plumbing

Any blockage on leakage on the suction line or other parts like pipeline and valve will give you a one-stop solution.

Plumbing Service

Sewer Plumbing

We find out problems with camera inspection and do everything it takes to solve the issue as soon as possible. Developing and maintaining will be easier than ever with Saifa Plumbing.

Why Saifa Plumbing is the right investment

In House Expert Plumbers

Saifa Plumbing does not rely on third-party service providers. We have an expert and experienced in-house plumbing and cleaning team who manages tasks with complete dedication and flawless effort.

One-Stop Solution

Check Out our services. We have a complete package for you, including necessary goods, as you don’t need to invest time in other service providers.

24-hour Emergency Support

We set up a different team just for emergency plumbing and cleaning service, and they are 24/7 active at your service.

Latest Technology

All the latest types of equipment are available for our team, and they work trained to maintain the scientific formulas that make the work fast and effective.

Service Until Satisfaction

After completing your desired mission, our team will offer you to re-examine all the tasks and get approved by you.

Satisfied Clients & Partners

With the complete satisfaction of our valuable clients and customers, we are growing every day.