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For the benefit of our clients, We categories our services into two segments. One is Cleaning services,
and the other is Plumbing services.

Why Cleaning Services Is Important?

In the era of deadly viruses, you have to be very careful about cleanliness. You and your family’s health mostly rely on cleanliness. Cleaning ensures that the water you are taking or using is not harming you and your family and the surroundings you live or stay for work is virus and bacteria-free. It is also needed to ensure a new environment around you. You need to check everything every month and some areas like water tank or supply tank; you need to maintain them at least two times a year. However, you may not be able to do all the stuff on your own.

Therefore, Cleaning your surrounding areas like living space, commercial space, kitchen, pipelines, roof, tank, and garden needs effort and trained human resources. Also, you will need the necessary equipment and disinfectants. Our expert team will be happy to deal with this and give guaranteed service at a reasonable cost and time.

Cleaning Service Segment

According to our customers need we are providing six services under cleaning.These services can meet up both commercial and residential needs. So, let’s check them out

Tank Cleaning

Pipeline Cleaning

Commercial Space Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Tiles Cleaning

Garden Cleaning

Why Plumbing Services is Important

Plumbing services have a vast ground of work as we get benefits from it every single moment. As we use it frequently, we need to set up and maintain it continually. Proper planning, setup implement, regular maintenance, and necessary repairing are all included in this service.

Plumbing is essential for your property’s water supply, gas supply, and waste management. Also critical for fire defense and amusement components like swimming pool and water heating system.

Every step is crucial, from planning to maintaining, and it needs necessary goods and machinery with proper knowledge and experience to give a one-stop service.

Plumbing Service Segment

To get your job done by professional plumbers, Saifa Plumbing offers five types of plumbing services. Share your plumbing challenge, and let us do whatever it takes.

Gas Line Plumbing

Water Plumbing

Fire Protection Plumbing

Swimming Pool Plumbing

Sewer Plumbing

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