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If you are a resident in Dhaka and have to maintain a house or commercial space, you can understand that some types of cleaning are tricky and need an excellent resource to complete the task. Like water tank cleaning, sewerage line cleaning, pipeline cleaning, etcetera. To maintain all of this you must need cleaning services from a professional company.

We designed the packages according to your need, and you can easily select one from below.

Tank Cleaning

A rooftop tank or underground reserve tank on the underground for supply water must be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you have to maintain and clean the water tank before getting muddy water and red worm. Also, if you notice a breakout of waterborne disease around you, start taking care of your supply tank and roof tank.

With the best and guaranteed service, you can trust Saifa Plumbing. We have a trained cleaning team with the latest cleaning equipment and anti-germ chemicals.

Pipeline Cleaning

Pipelines are as crucial as tanks. For the supply, usually, people use metal pipes. There are possibilities to get rust inside the lines. Moreover, the dirt elements can jam the pipelines and provide muddy water and carry rust from the channel. It can also happen if you don’t clean the tank for a long time.

Another thing you will find is when you are not getting the normal pressure or flow of water from the lines. It could irritate and waste much time in the washroom.

It’s impossible to clean those lines yourself cause it requires technics to make it set right. Saifa Plumbing will provide Hydro jetting and necessary repairs to fix this issue.

With the best and guaranteed service, you can trust Saifa Plumbing. We have a trained cleaning team with the latest cleaning equipment and anti-germ chemicals.

Commercial Space Cleaning

If you are an owner of an office or have to manage an office or have a super shop, You will feel the essentiality of commercial space cleaning service.

We recommend cleaning after every seven days. However, you can take this service monthly if you have staff for general cleaning. Besides getting a virus and bacteria-free environment, you will get a new working environment. Your clients will also feel the change and freshness in your space.

Our team can reach the most challenging corners and deeply clean every necessary section. Also, you can include the pest control service with it.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning service applies to both commercial properties and residential properties. To avoid long-term suffering, keep maintaining your roof regularly.

The weather of Bangladesh and the heavy rainfall during the year create warm weather to grow Moss and unwanted plants on your roof. This mos can run down the longevity of your property and demand high-value repairing, which leads you towards losing a lot of money and time.

However, regular maintenance of your roof can prevent those unwanted situations and make your property healthy. It protects your building both from outside and inside.

Protect your roof from Moss. Call us now for an expert solution.

Tiles Cleaning

We all clean our floor at least every day or 3 or 4 days a week. However, if shoes are not prohibited, your floor must be gone dull within three months. Another thing that should be bear in mind is that your tiles’ joints can hold dust and dirt. It can pass a terrible feeling. Your bare hands cannot freshen this accumulated dirt. It is so painful to fix this problem with a regular cleaning process

That’s why we added this service to our cleaning service list. Our expert cleaners will take care of all the corners. We offer guaranteed service and fix the surface of your tile until it turns like newly installed.

Therefore, Saifa Plumbing is a trustworthy service provider in Dhaka city with new formulas that make the work easy and worthy. We will be glad if we get the chance to handle your problems.

Garden Cleaning

Garden gives the first impression to your guests or clients at home or office. So cleaning and maintaining your garden is a must if you have one.

Garden Cleaning needs lots of necessary steps. First, we will pick unwanted plastics and polybags or any other unnecessary stuff from your garden. Clean the tubs and apply pesticides for unwanted insects. Next step is to fix the unwanted edges and give them the desired shape.

After that, we will cut down the unnecessary or rooted branches. Fix the grass level by trimming them precisely. Then we will clean the whole surface, including weeds and Moss. Our team will finally check the parasites and finish the job.

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