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Suppose you make a new residential building or commercial space like a hotel, restaurant, or factory. In that case, you should be very careful about setting up the water supply, drainage system, gas line system, and firefighting system. We are happy to announce that our plumbing services unit can meet your property’s necessary plumbing tasks mentioned above. In addition, you can get expert solution for you swimming pool plumbing and drinking water supply system.

If you already have a property with critical issues that need to be solved immediately, you can connect with Saifa Plumbing. Our expert team has successfully served our valuable clients for ten years with the scientific process and latest technology.

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Water Plumbing

When you are raising a building, you need professional pipeline wearing as there is a problem with water pressure most of the time. In some constructions, you will notice that some specific floors, mainly the lower ones, have good pressure in their water flow. On the other hand, the upper levels don’t get the correct pressure from the faucet.

If you face this kind of problem after finishing the construction work, it is pretty challenging to solve it as you have to break all the walls and re-design your waterline. Moreover, you have to spend more money, time, and effort to fix them all. Also, there is a risk of wall damage.

That’s why we are offering you our plumbing services. Professional engineers and experienced laborers will ensure proper water pressure on every floor and minimize water plumbing setup costs.

Make the wisest decision before it's too late.

Gas Line Plumbing

Another sensitive issue in our city is the gas lines. We recently saw many devastating incidents due to the recklessness of property owners and the authority responsible for gas supply in Dhaka. We urge all the property owners to consider their gas line plantation in expert hands.

Saifa Plumbing repairs new wiring and old lines of MS and GI pipes inside the house or industrial constructions with 100% pressure checking. If the gas line is slightly leaking, any major accident can happen at any moment. Moreover, it will be responsible for the wastage of gas and extra bills.

Gas is a natural resource. So it is our responsibility and duty to protect these resources. We do house wiring of gas lines by modern machinery and trained mechanics. You can get a free quote for further queries.

Sewerage Plumbing

An essential part of the plumbing work is arranging drainage of water and waste materials from the building. Constructing sewerage lines without a proper scientific and proven method can end up having a jam in your drainage pipeline.

As a result, the drained water will come back to your place, flooding your rooms and kitchen. It is the most annoying thing you can face in your home.

If the sewerage line is laid without determining the proper pipe size or according to the correct slope, the line will jam more often.  Also, the repairing will cost more money.  Despite doing the repairing, we will suggest you construct the sewerage line with the guidance of experts from Saifa plumbing.

We perform the work of the sewerage line by placing the sewerage line according to the correct slope and size and pitting it at the specified place as per the rules. Also, you can contact us for any necessary repair.

Filter Water Plumbing

Water saves a life. But that water can cause death if it is not sterile. We all know that the level of water is going down day by day. People used to collect water from tube wells or set up a submersible pump to bring groundwater. But nowadays it’s not possible to serve society with tube wells. Moreover, the people living in multistory buildings cannot carry them from tube well to home every day.

So we started using different methods to get pure water. One of them is using water filters at your home. To set up a water filter needs an additional connection from the supply line.

Saifa Plumbing constructs a filter line when doing sanitary and water line setup work in your home, making your filter installation easy. In this particular plumbing service, you will get a high-quality water filter, and you can also ask for your filter line repairing or installation at any time.

Fire Plumbing

Modern construction always requires the best firefighting technologies. We witnessed the shocking distraction of fire in this city. The unstoppable firebreak can be controlled by new technology. Now it is possible to minimize the loss of people’s lives and properties by taking safety measures.

With proper planning, we can organize the waterlines for an emergency firebreak. Our expert team ensures the highest safety possible of the property by aligning a water line with the smoke detector that gets active when the fire breaks out.

Our city is full of mismanagement. But the government is now more active in case of minimizing manufactured disasters. It is high time to consider safety for the sake of people’s life.

Swimming Pool Plumbing

Nowadays a swimming pool is not a luxury. If you think about setting up a swimming pool on the rooftop or in the backyard, Saifa Plumbing is a trustworthy plumbing services provider in Dhaka.

Maintaining a swimming pool needs proper circulation of water. This process has to be fast to save valuable time and effort. Constructors have to keep the appropriate guideline.

We handle all types of swimming pool plumbing by experienced engineers and skilled plumbers. We ensure the technical assemble so that water can be supplied and drained in a short time. We also do repairing and maintenance tasks as well.


The aforementioned services are crucial while constructing your dream project and getting hassle-free water, utility, and safety management.

We completed thousands of private and government projects successfully. From the beginning, we have believed in developing the technology and inventing methods to hold our customer satisfaction and serve them the best.

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We completed ten glorious years of successful journey, and now we are paving our path to the next level with 100% customer satisfaction.

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